As of Monday, March 16, 2020 Sargent’s Nursery is open and operating.

For everything there is a season and yet here in Minnesota we know that sometimes winter takes what seems to be more than its fair share.

This year we are faced with more than cold temperatures and an extra helping of snow. We are faced with an illness that threatens to force us back inside our homes just as we began to wander outdoors again. But even when winter steals away the months of spring, we know yet that spring will come, that the seeds will grow, the flowers bloom; and like the blooming and fading of a flower, so too will this contagion–this crisis–fade away.

When it does, we will all step out into the warmth and be ready with a smile for each other, and ready to move forward with the work of spring. Here at Sargent’s, we are privileged to help shepherd in this new season, and we are getting our hands dirty as we prepare to renew our minds and our hearts with all manner of things that grow; and are green and good. IMG_4016 We love you all as family and we hope that you are taking this time to care for yourself, your friends, and your family. Stay healthy and safe. Be good to one another. Be generous with those in need. In the meantime, we’ll keep growing and we’ll be sure to share with you what we’re doing.

Right now we are following CDC recommendations and disinfecting frequently used surfaces, skipping the handshakes, scrubbing those hands often and well and lucky for us, there’s lots of work to be done outside! When spring comes, we’ll be ready for you.

Despite all that’s happening out there; nursery and greenhouse life continues the grow. It’s comforting really. Our plants continue to grow and push their way toward the beautiful things they will become in the next month or more. The sun keeps rising on them daily as it does for us as well.

As long-time members of the Red Wing community we share our hope that our homes be happy and healthy places to be.

Please be safe and know that we will try to accommodate you in any way we can.
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