The days are getting longer, the birds are singing and the grass looks a little greener every day. Well it was when I first wrote this!  Spring is here and even though we may still get a few shots of snow here are a few ways you can add some spring to your home and landscape.

The bright, soft fuzz of pussy willows is a sure sign of spring.  Pussy willow bushes fuzzy nubs turn into an elongated oval sort of flower with yellow tips.  Sargent’s has both pussy willow bushes and weeping pussy willow ornamental trees as well as bundles of cut branches for you to enjoy in your home or to add as an accent in an outdoor planter. Pussy willows look great mixed with pansies too!


Nothing says spring like pansies and Johnny jump-ups.  These annuals are perfect for that first burst of spring color because they are tolerant of and even thrive in cooler spring temps.  When warmer summer days come around blooming slows so leave room around your pansies for other summer blooming annuals to have blooms all season long.  Pansies will kick back into gear and bloom when cooler temperatures return in the fall.  Pansy bowls and six packs are now available at Sargent’s!


If you spring bulbs aren’t showing signs of growth yet they should soon.  I keep checking, but nothing just yet.  So hard to be patient after this last winter! These flowers need to be planted in the fall so eye up a spot where you would like a shot of early spring color and plan on planting later this year.