Bee Lawns

A mix of grasses and low-growing perennials, Bee Lawns can be used and treated much like a regular lawn but also offer high-quality nutrition to pollinators.  Minnesota is encouraging interested homeowners to convert existing lawn or establish new lawns that are pollinator friendly to help support pollinating insects that are beneficial to our environment.
The State of Minnesota is even offering reimbursement funds to homeowners that participate in a program to make lawns supportive to pollinators.


Making better environments for pollinating insects is important to the overall health of OUR environment.
Here at Sargent’s Nursery-Red Wing we are committed to helping our customers make the best plant and landscape choices.


In the coming posts, we’ll provide more detailed information about the nuts and bolts of bee lawns and other landscape choices that will provide aesthetic joy for you and help improve our natural world.