Succulents alone or in beautiful combinations, in every size continue to be a hot décor trend in all sorts of styles.  Succulents come in an amazing number and variety of unique, even strange, forms, shapes and colors.  Whether you have simple clay pots or very colorful or ornate ones you can find a combination of succulents to create a striking display. Succulents are unique and easy to care for plants with the right amount of light.


Keep in mind, good drainage is a must for any succulent container. Lots of light, average home temps, and dry soil and air are perfect for the entire range of succulents and cactus. Succulent containers can be moved outdoors for the summer months in our climate, enjoying the warm weather and bright sunshine.


If you love succulents but have a room they don’t grow well in or maybe you don’t have a green thumb then you must  check out our assortment of life-like succulents.  Sargent’s has individual “plants” or small pre-planted containers to fill that perfect spot where you want the look but don’t have the light.