It seems like just about everything is in bloom this time of year!  If your gardens are missing that pop of color, you might want to try one of these colorful sun-loving plants.  Plus Sargent’s has a great selection and all perennials are Buy 5, Get 1 Free.  Black-eyed susan (Rudbeckia) are a big favorite on everyone’s list with their bright golden color and long bloom time.  They look great paired with grasses, coneflowers or Echinacea, or just above any other sun perennials.

Another blockbuster are perennial hibiscus.  These plants are very similar to their tropical counterparts, but have been breed to withstand our winter temperatures.  Both of mine, although late to show up this spring, came back beautifully and are about ready to bloom.  Many of these plants reach 4-5′ in height and produce giant 7-10 inch blooms. Hibiscus also have a long bloom time and a single plant can easily have more than 50 blooms, opening over a long period of time.

Huge flowers

Perennial Hibiscus

Other favorites this time of year are the coneflowers, especially some of the colorful varieties which product hot pink, orange, yellow or white flowers.  These also have a long bloom time.  And finally yet to come are some of the grasses which are are just starting to show their plumes and many of the upright sedums will soon be bursting with color too.

Next time we will explore ways to add color to those shady spots too.