We of course are having our typical, unpredictable spring MN weather leaving many of us wondering what we can plant right now?  It is too early for many plants to be outdoors in this roller coaster weather of ours even though those warm sunny days try to convince us otherwise.   Flowering annuals other than pansies, tomatoes, peppers, beans, houseplants and more can simply not handle the cold snaps and must wait until at least the danger of frost passes around mid-May.  Still there are many things that can be planted now with no trouble at all. Rhubarb

Trees and shrubs can be planted any time after the ground can be worked.  Sargent’s already has a large selection with more arriving weekly so now is great time to get those planting projects going.  Perennials can also be planted and divided and summer bulbs can go in too.   Other garden plants like asparagus, rhubarb, raspberries and even strawberries can be planted now.   Onion plants can tolerate a light frost so be prepared to cover them if you get them in the ground earlier.