The holes in the bean leaves.  Tops of the Linden trees slowly browning. Beautiful blooming roses disappearing.  Frustrations all caused by Japanese Beetles!  These destructive beetles feed, mate and lay eggs before dying all while chewing their way through a large variety of flowers, plants, trees and shrubs.


What can you do?  There are a variety of sprays, lawn treatments and traps.  Grabs can be treated with a granular treatment, Bonide Grub Beater, which can eliminate grubs and the lawn damage they cause.  As for the adult beetles you can physically remove them from plants and toss them in soapy water.

If you are looking for a chemical approach, a spray like Bonide’s Captain Jacks Dead Bug, Beetle Killer, or Eight can be used.  These sprays can also damage beneficial insects like bees so be sure to read and follow all directions on the label and don’t spray where bees are foraging.


Traps can also be used to attract beetles.  Many go into the traps, but some may still find their way onto desirable plants so be sure to hang traps away from the plants you are trying to protect.  Each beetle in the trap means one less beetle eating its way through your gardens!


Not sure what the best option is for you?   Our knowledgeable staff can help you choose!