Weeds are here to stay so we might as well learn how to deal with them, right?  Not everyone finds flowering Creeping Charlie pretty or a field of bright yellow dandelions charming.  Weeds are more easily treated when they are small and growing and spring and early summer is a great time to treat them.

Creeping Charlie

Creeping Charlie in Lawn

Broadleaf weeds like dandelions, creeping Charlie, and plantain can be treated a number of ways using a spray or granular weed control product combined with fertilizer.  You can use Bonide Weed Beater Ultra to treat all of those broadleaf weeds and not harm your lawn.  Products are best applied when temps are 60-80 degrees and there is no wind.   If you fertilize your lawn with our Bonide Phase 2 Weed and Feed, you will also get good control of existing broadleaf weeds.  Remember to wait 6-8 weeks after applying your spring fertilizer and crabgrass control.

Weed & Feed

Kills weeds in your lawn

Grassy weeds like barnyard grass or tall fescue require a different approach.  These weeds must be killed with a non-selective weed killer like Bonide KleenUp.  Carefully apply the product to only the plants you want to die following the directions on the label.  The area will be ready to prepare and reseed in about a 7-10 days.    This approach also works best for areas that are more than 50% Creeping  Charlie.  Stop in today we can find the right solution to your weed problem.