The calendar may say spring, but the weather this week isn’t fooling us!  It is Minnesota of course and this really isn’t that unusual.  The warm weather a couple of weeks ago let us know that it won’t feel like winter forever.  Many folks are wondering what they can get out and do in the yard this time of year.

  • It is still safe to prune oaks and apple trees.  May want to wait on maples until sap flow slows down a bit, however pruning now won’t harm the tree.
  • If you yard is dry and not covered by snow lightly rake to clean up any leftover leaves and debris from your lawn.  Scope out areas that may need a little seeding.
  • We are still weeks away from having to apply pre-emergent crabgrass control products.
  • As temps allow and plants start to come up go ahead and pull some mulch back from the plants, but keep it nearby.  We can still have very cold temps this time of year and you will want to protect all those young shoots.

Pussy willow stems and bushes are here.  Pansy bowls should be available later this week and 6-pack plants will be available soon too.  Watch our website or facebook for arrival updates or call before stopping out.  Pansies are tolerant of cooler spring temperatures so plant up a container and add in a few pussy will stems and you will have the perfect spring planter.