If you purchased an Easter Lily or received it as a gift you might be wondering what to do with it.  Good news! You don’t have to throw it away.  Enjoy your Easter Lily indoors until it has finished blooming.  Once all the flowers have faded, remove them and place your plant in a sunny location.  Keep watering your plant and do not remove any of the green leaves or stems.  Once all danger of frost has passed, plant your lily in a sunny location so the bulb is 3” below the soil surface. If you have more than one lily place the plants 12”-18” apart. Be sure to mulch your plants to ensure cool roots, moist soil and to provide winter protection. As the original plant dies back, cut it back to ground level. New shoots will emerge, and you may even get a second bloom later in the summer. With some winter protection, look for the lilies to re-emerge next spring.

The colorful Asiatic or Oriental lilies you may have can also be treated in the same manner.