Although the weather has been amazing these last few weeks we all know what is around the corner and how quickly the weather can change on us.  Prepare your plants to take all winter can dish out by protecting sensitive shrubs, trees and evergreens from the cold, sun and winds of winter.  Evergreens like arborvitae, yews and boxwoods can really take a beating.  If located on the south or west side the winter sun combined with bitterly cold temperatures can cause winter burn.  Save yourself the hassle of having to replace badly damaged plants by taking these extra precautions.

First, our fall has been unusually warm so before you put away the hose for the season be sure to give plants a good soak.  Another thing you ca Burlap Screening n do is use Bonide Wilt Stop on sensitive plants.  Wilt Stop is a natural, non-toxic spray made from the resin of pine trees that creates a film on the needles or leaves to prevent drying out and winter burn.  Another option it to create a burlap screen around the plants to keep them shaded from the winter sun and cold winds too.

Don’t forget tree guards for trunks of young trees to protect the thin bark from sunscald and cracking.  Come on out to Sargent’s Nursery and let our knowledgeable staff help you protect your plants this winter.