Surprise – Lawn Damage!

Yes, the snow has been melting with these unseasonable temperatures leaving us with some unpleasant surprises and I am not talking about the ones dog owners find.  Seems the voles have been busy under the snow all over the place [...]

March 8, 2016|

Fight Weeds & Fertilize this Fall

Right now is a great time to fight those weeds in your yard, especially creeping charlie, with a fall herbicide application. Weed Beater Ultra works great in cooler temperatures and can help you get a handle on the weeds now. [...]

October 5, 2015|

Summer Lawn Care Tips

High temperatures, sometimes spotty rainfall, and drying winds can really do a number on your lawn. Just sharing a few tips today to help you keep your lawn healthy throughout the summer.   Although adequate rainfall hasn't been a problem [...]

July 15, 2015|

Keeping Your Lawn Green and Growing

 The summer heat and drying winds can be tough for our lawns to handle.  On top of that, we sometime get very little rain so it is no wonder that our grass starts to go dormant and brown.  Everything from [...]

June 29, 2014|

Weeds, Weeds, and More Weeds – Lawn Edition

Weeds are here to stay so we might as well learn how to deal with them, right?  Not everyone finds flowering Creeping Charlie pretty or a field of bright yellow dandelions charming.  Weeds are more easily treated when they are [...]

June 8, 2014|