What’s in Your Soil?

Soil is the foundation of all our plantings.  Without the right soil you are setting your plants up for less than success and adding more work for yourself down the road. Soil isn't just dirt, it is alive filled with [...]

April 10, 2019|

When to Fertilize Trees and Shrubs?

Many people are coming in with questions about fertilizing trees and shrubs right now.  Many shrubs are just starting to show signs of leaves or even flowers if you have forsythia or magnolias in your landscape.  Most plants have a big [...]

April 15, 2015|

Summer Garden Tips

Hard to believe it is almost the 4th of July already!  By now our gardens are growing like crazy, struggling under all the water or somewhere in between.  Today I have a few garden tips to keep your garden looking [...]

June 26, 2014|

Understanding and Choosing Fertilizers

Now that we have our beautiful annuals tucked into containers and gardens it is time to take care of them.  Even those plants you have taken home, but haven’t gotten around to planting yet, but just had to have.  All [...]

May 27, 2014|

Quick Tip: Container Gardening

Learn how to use less soil in large flower pots or containers in this video! There are many other great tips to make container gardening EASY. Here are five that you may not have thought to consider: 1. Most flowers [...]

April 22, 2014|