How to Plant a Pollinator Garden

Are ready to plant a pollinator garden, but aren't quite sure how to put it together? These base designs for native plant pollinator gardens are great templates for design and are customizable with substitutions for each plant. Choose the design [...]

June 19, 2023|

Japanese Beetles Season

Yes, it is time again for the dreaded Japanese Beetle season. Don't fear, Sargent's has all the info and options for dealing with these pesky bugs!  Japanese beetles can be very destructive and are not very selective in what they eat. [...]

July 19, 2019|

Got Gnats? Tips to Tackle the Pests

Never fails. Every winter I end up with at least one houseplant home to a small army of tiny black flies. These little black flies that look like a small mosquito are fungus gnats and are quite common in houseplants [...]

January 17, 2018|

Dealing with Japanese Beetles

The Japanese beetles are continuing to cause plenty of damage to gardens in the area and will for the next few weeks.  Last week I reviewed some of your options for dealing with these pests.  Today I want to share [...]

July 12, 2017|

The Beetles are Back!

The beetles are back and unfortunately I am not talking about Paul, Ringo, George and John.  Based on the customers we have had in the Garden Center so far it seems we have a bumper batch of the pesky bugs [...]

July 6, 2017|

Coming Soon To Your Own Backyard

It won't be long and our "friends" the Japanese beetles will join us in our gardens munching on raspberry bushes, grapes, linden trees, roses and other plants.  The beetles can be very destructive.  The beetles start as a white grub [...]

June 22, 2016|

Providing For Pollinators

Pollinators are almost in the news every week especially during gardening season.  Regardless of what you think is the cause of pollinator problems, we can all agree that pollinators serve a very important role in our ecosystem and help us [...]

June 8, 2016|

Keep an Eye Out for Japanese Beetles

Japanese beetles should be making their first appearance of the season in your garden soon.  The beetles can be very destructive and not very selective in what they eat.  There is no easy guaranteed solution for dealing with these pests.  [...]

June 29, 2015|

Plants for Pollinators

Insect pollinator populations are declining and it is time to start looking at our landscapes differently.  The Minnesota Department of Agriculture states that "More than one third of all plants or plant products consumed by humans are in some way [...]

June 23, 2015|