Plant Zone Changes

Changes in the USDA Plant HardinessZone Map for Minnesota and Wisconsin Did you hear? The USDA updated its Plant Hardiness Zone Map for the first time in more than 10 years! The 2023 map shows that half of the country has [...]

December 14, 2023|

How to Plant Fall Bulbs for Spring Flowers

It may seem counter-intuitive to plant something in the Autumn that won't bloom for you until spring, but late September and into October is the really the best time for Zone 4b residents to plant many bulbs so they [...]

September 12, 2023|

Treating Weeds in the Lawn

Treating Weeds in the Lawn Now is the time we start to see weeds popping up in our lawns. Spraying for weeds is a personal choice, and while some folks may opt for a wilder lawn, if you do [...]

June 8, 2023|

Five Spectacular Shade-Tolerant Plants for Zone 4

Struggling to find perennial plants that will grow in that shady nook of your garden? If you live in Southeast Minnesota, including our pretty Red Wing (Zone 4), don't fret! Discover five magnificent perennial plants that thrive in low-light [...]

May 15, 2023|