Goodies from the Greenhouse!

I hope you were one of the folks out and about in the greenhouse and garden center this weekend.  We finally got a long overdue beautiful weekend!  In anticipation of the opportunity I loaded up my cart  and my car [...]

May 29, 2019|

What’s in Your Soil?

Soil is the foundation of all our plantings.  Without the right soil you are setting your plants up for less than success and adding more work for yourself down the road. Soil isn't just dirt, it is alive filled with [...]

April 10, 2019|

Get Growing with Seeds

Your garden may be covered by tons of snow, but now is the time to consider starting flowers and vegetables from seed.  Starting your plants from seed is fun to try and can be a relatively inexpensive way to get lots [...]

March 6, 2019|

Get Your Veggies Growing!

I know our late snow and slow start to spring really put my usual garden schedule out of whack.  If you haven't gotten all of your herbs or vegetables planted there is still time.  Many people, me included, don't really [...]

June 14, 2018|

Garden Naturally

Natural and organic gardening is all about gardening without the use synthetic chemicals and working with nature by minimizing the resources used and replenishing those used by the garden.   Many community gardens limit use to organic or natural fertilizers [...]

June 5, 2017|

Grow Your Own Fresh and Healthy Veggies

Hopefully we get a break from the rain so we can all get out and finish planting our gardens. Whether you are planting in the garden, a raised bed or other container Sargent's has a huge selection of herb and [...]

May 24, 2017|

New Edibles at Sargent’s

Spring is here and Sargent's is excited to have some great new edible plants to offer you this season.  We will have the great mix of vegetables and herbs we have always had in addition to some new harder to find [...]

April 19, 2017|

Garden To Table Veggie Savings

Now is the time to get your garden planted or fill in a few spots you have left.  All vegetables, single plants and 4 packs, are only $.99 each.  Sale includes peppers, tomatoes, heirloom tomatoes, broccoli, cabbage, and more.  While [...]

June 3, 2016|

Grow a Few Spears or Rows and Rows

Asparagus is a perennial vegetable that comes back year after year and is one of the first things you can eat fresh from the garden each spring.  It is easy to plant and besides controlling weeds the maintenance is minimal. [...]

April 21, 2016|

Food Preservation – Freeze, Can and More!

My garden has been bursting with fresh produce this summer thanks to our regular and someone abundant rainfall. This is the first in a series of of posts about what to do with all those beans, cukes and tomatoes.  Fresh [...]

August 17, 2015|