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Join our team of expert landscapers and horticulturists as we explore exciting new gardening trends, uncover tips and tricks for beautiful yards, learn how to help pollinators in our community, and discover what’s happening at the Garden Center! These helpful, easy-to-read articles are great way to get inspired for your own garden and yard and include detailed information on how to maintain plants, help the environment, and keep up with what’s happening here at Sargent’s. Visit whenever you’d like or sign up to get notified when new articles come out!

Care Tip: Preparing Boxwoods for Winter

We love Boxwoods. They are wonderful landscape shrubs that are deer-resistant, easy to care for, and stay green all winter long.  Anything that can bring color to home landscapes during the bleakest of winters is okay with us!  While Boxwoods [...]

September 27, 2021|

Garlic | Planting in the Fall

Hardneck garlic bulbs are now back in stock! We have two varieties: Music and German Hardy.   Music German Red Italian variety was brought back to Canada by Al Music in the 1980s from his homeland. Bright white bulbs with [...]

September 24, 2021|

Lawns to Legumes Program now Accepting Applications!

In many of our past blog posts about pollinator-friendly planting, we've discussed the Lawns to Legumes Program with readers. This program offers Minnesota residents the opportunity to apply for individual grants, which offer up to $300 reimbursement to cover the [...]

August 25, 2021|

Seasonal Transitions: Landscape & Container Garden Care

Landscape & Container Garden Care: September Deadhead annuals and perennials Benefits of deadheading include; a tidier look, encouraging the plant to set more flower buds, allowing the plant to conserve energy, and preventing seed formation in some plants. Plant trees, [...]

August 24, 2021|

Dealing with Drought

Minnesota's Drought Warning As Minnesota continues to experience drought conditions--with 75% of the state experiencing severe drought and 22 % of the state experiencing extreme drought*--our lawns, gardens, trees, and crops continue to suffer. Many communities, like nearby Hastings, have [...]

July 30, 2021|

Perennial Hibiscus Care Tips

Are you ready to grow the biggest flowers in the neighborhood?! Perennial Hibiscus, also known as Rose Mallow, are easy to grow and stunning in every sense! They have gorgeous summer foliage which--depending on the variety—ranges from bright green to deep [...]

July 6, 2021|

It’s Japanese Beetle Season…

It's that time of year when Japanese beetles and their grubs move into our lawns and gardens and begin feasting on our raspberry bushes, grapevines, linden trees, roses bushes, and other beloved plants. How do I know if I have beetles or grubs? [...]

July 2, 2021|

Pocket Gardens for Pollinators

Pocket Gardens Planting ‘pocket gardens’ is another way you can help pollinators in your own yard! A pocket garden is a smaller space filled with flowering plants, trees, and shrubs that pollinators love! Sargent’s has almost everything you need to design [...]

June 4, 2021|



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