Amaryllis Care: The Secret to Rebloom

Amaryllis bulbs are known for their simple beauty and for the joy of the big reveal... We bring the humble bulbs into our homes and a few days later we get to behold the splendor of their big blooms. And [...]

January 29, 2020|

Signs of Spring!

The days are getting longer, the birds are singing and the grass looks a little greener every day. Well it was when I first wrote this!  Spring is here and even though we may still get a few shots of [...]

April 7, 2019|

Plant Potatoes by Good Friday?

Did you get your potatoes planted by Good Friday?  Last week several customers came into the store looking for seed potatoes to plant by Good Friday.  The Easter holidays did fall early this year and the ground was certainly too [...]

April 3, 2018|

Let’s Get Planting!

The cold nights are behind us and now it is time to get planting!  Sargent's Nursery is full of beautiful blooming annuals ready for your garden and patio pots.  We have a huge selection of flowing flower baskets, veggies, garden [...]

May 16, 2016|

What’s Up with this Weather?

So we haven't even hit mid-March and all of our snow is just about gone and our daily low temps are more like the highs for a month from now.  These very early spring warm-ups cause a flurry of questions [...]

March 8, 2016|

Ahhhh…the Weeds!

Weeds are part of gardening and sometimes enough to make even the most hardy gardener want to pull their hair out.  The best thing to do is to start early and stay ahead of the game.  It doesn't take much [...]

May 20, 2015|

Sun, Snow, Rain, Cold – What Can I Plant Now?

We of course are having our typical, unpredictable spring MN weather leaving many of us wondering what we can plant right now?  It is too early for many plants to be outdoors in this roller coaster weather of ours even [...]

April 22, 2015|

When to Fertilize Trees and Shrubs?

Many people are coming in with questions about fertilizing trees and shrubs right now.  Many shrubs are just starting to show signs of leaves or even flowers if you have forsythia or magnolias in your landscape.  Most plants have a big [...]

April 15, 2015|

What to do with that Easter Lily?

If you purchased an Easter Lily or received it as a gift you might be wondering what to do with it.  Good news! You don't have to throw it away.  Enjoy your Easter Lily indoors until it has finished blooming. [...]

April 9, 2015|

Spring Veggie Gardening

Planting your vegetable garden is one of the first things to do in the spring whether you are planting in the ground or in containers.  This wet weather has probably set you back a bit.  I know I was hoping [...]

April 30, 2014|