Preparing Boxwoods and Evergreens for Winter

Simple Protection. Boxwoods are wonderful landscape shrubs that are deer-resistant, easy to care for, and stay green all winter long! While Boxwoods are easy to grow and care for, we want to remind our Zone 4 folks in the [...]

November 9, 2022|

Garlic | How to plant garlic in the fall.

Looking to learn how to plant garlic in the fall? Here's your guide! Read more about how to plant the two varieties of garlic we carry in September and October each year. Music German Red Italian variety was brought [...]

October 7, 2022|

Cold weather Yard and Garden Prep

October 21, 2021 Protecting Houseplants & Annuals Widespread frost is likely for the next few nights, as temperatures fall into the 30s in Red Wing, so that means it's time to get serious about cold weather prep! If you happen to [...]

October 7, 2022|

It’s Japanese Beetle Season…

When the Japanese beetle and its grubs move into our lawns and gardens and begin feasting on our raspberry bushes, grapevines, linden trees, roses bushes, and other beloved plants they can devastate our plants and frustrate us mightily. These [...]

July 11, 2022|

Perennial Hibiscus Care Tips

Are you ready to grow the biggest flowers in the neighborhood?! Perennial Hibiscus, also known as Rose Mallow, are easy to grow and stunning in every sense! Here we will [...]

July 6, 2022|

Winter Pruning

It's cold out in our area right now, so jumping outside to do yard work probably isn't front of mind for most folks, but Winter is actually a great time of year to prune many trees and shrubs. Pruning has [...]

February 2, 2022|

Enjoying Winter in the Garden

Allium, dogwood, and native grasses give beauty to all seasons… When we plant, we love to plant with all seasons in mind. The first growth in spring is exciting and green, the colors of flowers and foliage in the summer [...]

December 21, 2021|

October Lilacs? Why are these blooming now?

We've had several curious folks reach out to us and ask why the lilacs near the middle school are blooming now... After all, it's October and lilacs bloom in May in Minnesota! So what's going on here? Because of the [...]

October 1, 2021|

Lawns to Legumes Program now Accepting Applications!

In many of our past blog posts about pollinator-friendly planting, we've discussed the Lawns to Legumes Program with readers. This program offers Minnesota residents the opportunity to apply for individual grants, which offer up to $300 reimbursement to cover the [...]

August 25, 2021|

Seasonal Transitions: Landscape & Container Garden Care

Landscape & Container Garden Care: September Deadhead annuals and perennials Benefits of deadheading include; a tidier look, encouraging the plant to set more flower buds, allowing the plant to conserve energy, and preventing seed formation in some plants. Plant trees, [...]

August 24, 2021|